My advice for impatient beginners in astrophotography

..we all underestimated the steep learning curve of AP. For me, even so when I predicted a steep learning curve.
I'm referring to the fact that most of us would like to produce outstanding results relatively soon.

  • Buy at least one great book on the subject, preferably covering both DSO and planetary, explaining required theory. I'd put Thierry Legault's Astrophotography on top.
  • Join a club if there's one near you! (like mine in Oslo, not sure if there's much club activity elsewhere in my country)
  • Search and read a forum like, with a number of brilliant contributors and active moderators, whenever you feel like asking!
  • Buy all the supersized equipment you feel that you must have! No one can stop you. But more important, don't forget to buy a smaller imaging scope that could actually speed up your learning and let you figure out where you are heading with this hobby. Because sadly, there's no "universal scope", but a number of quite different disciplines requiring quite different equipment.

Been asked for quick answers several times.
If you were linked here - really just meant to help.
Hope this post was short enough to be read!